Drexel Heritage

I stopped dead in my tracks when I walked past this showroom! Who doesn’t know the name Drexel Heritage?  They were founded in 1903.  I love to study the showrooms and styling at market, because many of them are styled by some of the best talent in the industry!

When I first opened my design business 6 years ago, I froze at the thought of selling furniture, sight unseen & untouched.  Now, I carry a notebook the size of my hand phone.  I wondered what I was missing…are you supposed to know how a sofa “sits” based on the dimensions?  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  Now, I literally sit on every piece that I think I would ever use for a client and make notes.  Is it too shallow?  So deep that your feet don’t touch?  Luxurious?  A quality sofa will sit more “formal” than the college-years-single-guy/girl-lounge-pit-can’t-get-out couch.  I can assure you…the sofa above is amazing!!!  Seriously, just look at that tufting!

Decorative storage coffee table:

You know I’m a sucker for upholstered casegoods! Look at this gorgeous upholstered coffee table with oyster shagreen leather.

Et Cetera Collection

The hardware is a lovely detail on this antiqued mirror chest:

“Inspired by the clean lines and soft elegance of couture fashion, Giasana exudes grace and glamour.  Detailed with geometric influence, swooping curves, and subtle linear designs, this collection offers contemporary styling through a soft focus, creating a look of understated sophistication.”

Leather wrapped desk, oh my!

I can’t wait to show you other goodies introduced this market!


How to Build a Home Theater on a Budget

Remember when I told you my husband Bryan owns Acadian Home Theater and Automation?  Bryan’s company specializes in luxury home automation and home theaters, which means I get a front row seat to the latest and greatest in technology!  I love the projects where we collaborate and create home theater rooms that are both gorgeous and high tech.   He’s opening a brand new office – designed by moi – very soon, and I’ll be sure to share those photos as soon as I can.  If you are in the Baton Rouge area, please come to the grand opening in January!

Some of those Acadian Home Video / Stacy Naquin Interiors home theater rooms can cost big bucks – and the title of this post is “How to build a home theater on a budget.”   You know what they say about fashion, though.  Shop first at high-end retailers.  Try on designer clothing and examine the details.  You’ll learn to recognize quality and how those exclusive brands look and feel.  Then you can re-create the look in your own price range.  That’s what I’m doing for you in this post!

I may be a bit biased, but I truly believe that the Tip #1 is to invest in professional help for your audio-video needs.  Bryan custom-tailors a room to meet any budget, from $5,000 all the way to $2 million (if you want an IMAX Home Cinema!), and he can tell you how to get the most bang for your buck!

Alright, I know what you are thinking.  It’s a home theater room.  Once the audio-video products are set up, what else is there? Well, it sure doesn’t sound very enjoyable to watch a movie in high definition surround sound … while sitting on a hard-as-a-rock, watch-your-posture armchair, now does it?   That’s why Tip #2 is to invest in comfortable seating designed specifically for media rooms.  Lucky for you, this is another area where you can get great value.

End Zone Theater Seating by Lane Furniture

While I was at High Point Market, I visited Lane Furniture to learn more about their theater seating.  You may know Lane as “the cedar chest company,” but they’ve specialized in motion furniture for over forty years now!  I had no idea they created such a range of reclining furniture – chairs, of course, but also sofas, sectionals and rockers.

You’ll be amazed at the features they’ve packed into their home entertainment seating!  Lane’s End Zone 2-Arm Recliner has a contemporary design, with a broad, generously padded back and a deep seat.  There’s a removable swivel table stored in the arm, which is perfect for snacks.  Pass the popcorn!


The storage arm is ideal for stashing the remote, magazines and more.

Oh, and the Power Recline feature is standard.  No need to over-exert yourself as you push back!  Plus, touch technology allows independent control of the recline function and the lighted cup holders.  This is a football fan’s dream come true!

Of course, the End Zone collection also includes “true” theater-style seating – packed with the same incredible features as the 2-Arm Recliner.  Contact your local dealer to choose your fabrics and get specific pricing, but I can promise you’ll be impressed by the value Lane Furniture offers.  Of course, you may never want to leave the showroom once you’ve experienced their Perfect Pitch adjustment, zero gravity mechanisms, extended footrests and more, but that’s not my problem, now is it?!

Do you know what else I love?  Lane Furniture is proudly made in America.  Lane employs over 1,700 people in its corporate and manufacturing facilities – just down the road from me in Mississippi.  They build, assemble and cover the frames of Lane recliners, reclining sofas and sectionals and stationary sofas, chair, ottomans and sectionals.

Great A/V + Comfy Seating = Media Room Dream Come True.  Now who has the best seat at the game?


I’m On a National TV Design Show!

I’ve been under the radar lately with client deadlines & secret projects, but finally, I get to share some really exciting news! Earlier this year, I filmed in New Orleans for a national design show with Antonio Sabato Jr.!  With a tight budget and the help of an amazing team, we were able to renovate a deserving couple’s bedroom in only one day.  Fix It & Finish It airs this Saturday on CBS!

David St.Romain (the contractor), me, Antonio Sabato Jr.

Depleted of energy and cash reserves, Craig & Meghan DeHarde still dreamed of the day they would come home to a calming master bedroom that invoked an island paradise, and when I landed on this color/texture combination, my vision was complete!  I’m still drooling over the aqua glass chandelier, but it would have killed the entire budget. As for the fabric, the picture doesn’t do it justice…the background has a gold shimmer and the pattern reminds me of a starfish, so… it had to land somewhere in the project.

Here’s a quick sketch and color study

Who knows, we may still be peeling off wallpaper if I opted to remove it! With only one day to complete the project, I decided that paneling over the paper would be the safer option.


Tune in to see their big reveal, and check back on the blog…I’ll tell you more about the design and show you several Do-It-Yourself projects that helped stretch the budget!



Thank you Antonio Sabato Jr, Kate Dermody, Robert Niederecker & the entire film crew for all your hard work and long hours, and thank you Florencia Turco DeRoussel for introducing me to the team! Thank you Craig & Meghan DeHarde for trusting us with your home!


I’m so blessed and grateful to have a support team to help bring my dreams to life! Thank you, thank you, thank you….

Bryan, thank you for always being there to support me & for working tirelessly to complete this project.

Cade, A type-A mom couldn’t be more proud! You’ve used more painters’ tape and held more cans of spray paint than any teenager around the globe. Thank you for having a cheerful heart toward my endless DIY project requests and for enduring the times you’ve heard, “Just one more coat!”

David, I couldn’t have pulled this off without you (and your tools!) Thank you for the blood, sweat & tears, literally. You worked your tail off until the very end, and I promise never to ask you to install wainscot again!

Travis, Wow! You did an amazing job on the electrical and jumped in without question to do anything we needed you for. When I asked if you could help, you didn’t even hesitate for a second. I’m overwhelmed by your graciousness!

Jaime, this bedroom wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful without the touch of custom pillows. Thank you for putting up with my crazy design ideas, that sometimes come with short notice!

Yvonne, I’ll blame you for my expensive taste! At the end of my budget,  The Rug Place was gracious to help get one last detail to complete and soften the room. Thank you for always being there to support me. You’re an amazing teacher and mentor!

Daryl & Sons, one of the first things the homeowner noticed during the reveal was the custom framed agate art! You never fail to exceed my expectations, and finding vendors like you is indeed, a breath of fresh air.


Wesley Hall…continued

I know what you’re thinking…”Oh those barstools look fabulous on the showroom floor, but within five minutes in my house, they’ll be a different color!” About 90% of my clients tell me during the consultation that they don’t want their house to look like a museum, and yes, they all use that exact phrase.  (In my head, I’m thinking “Why not? That’s crazy talk!”  But I’ve gotten really good with the ol’ filter.)  What they are trying to say is that they want to live in their house, for nothing to be off limits, and for their furniture to look just as good in 2 years. The good news: You don’t have to select dark fabric for seating or ban your family from the new sofa!

Wesley Hall barstools covered in Crypton Fabric

Because style and performance are important to most families, Wesley Hall has included 45 Crypton fabrics in their upholstery line.  The fabric is environmentally friendly, and won’t emit harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.  It is stain resistant, odor resistant, and easy to clean.  And if you need even more protection, Crypton Super Fabric has an impenetrable moisture barrier.  (I wish I would have known about this fabric before getting a male dog. Sigh)

Even without a moisture barrier, liquid beads up and sits for a month before soaking into the fabric!  (I know many events where red wine wasn’t even served, and rightfully so.)

Mixing fabric types can result in an interesting contrast of textures.  For the furniture below, Wesley Hall selected a Crypton fabric for the top of the ottoman (where dirty shoes and kids will be) and a regular patterned fabric for the vertical portion.  The sofa and chocolate wing chair are also covered in Crypton fabric.  (I’m not naming names, but why are the white towels dirty? You just got out the shower!)

The Wesley Hall dining room chairs, covered in Crypton fabric, show how style meets function. Would you have ever known that this beautiful fabric could also be so practical?!

One of the other fabrics Wesley Hall uses for high durability furniture is Sunbrella. The company makes marine fabrics for outdoor use in boats and yachts, so UV protection is one of the strengths of their product. Their line also includes many fabrics suitable for both indoor and outdoor home use. Sunbrella fabrics offer the same stain resistance and durability as Crypton, but provide extra protection from damaging sun exposure.  Furniture placed near windows that get direct sunlight will eventually fade fabric and dyed leather!

Sunbrella fabric on the sofa & quatrefoil chairs

The hang-out where I got my daily market caffeine dose…too pretty to keep to myself!


Wesley Hall Furniture

The design community has been buzzing about Wesley Hall for their unbelievable finishes, embellishments and customization.  (ok, and their famous “tufted doors” too!) They have been a family-owned company for 25 years — and 100% manufactured in the United States — but they’ve recently taken their brand to a whole new level.  Their recipe for success?  Classic lines, pops of colors, and extreme attention to detail.

Zack Taylor & Amy Huff – the fun & the brains at Wesley Hall!

The Audrey Chair (left) is customized with a 3″ fabric band and Greek Key Tape.  Can you tell it includes a swivel base?  This option, available on most chairs, is ideal for creating conversation areas in open floor plan rooms.  Although petite in size, the rope welt on the Parker Settee seat cushion (top right) makes a big statement.  I’m particularly crazy for grosgrain tape and nail head trim combo, seen in gunmetal on the Hagan Settee (bottom right). Personalization is the true luxury of our era — not to mention the unparalleled level of quality.

A little detail goes a long way…(notice the difference in spacing of the nailheads from the image above and below) And did you spot the flat cording detail along the seat cushion?

Create a personalized look with contrasting cording and chair banding:

These are the infamous doors I speak of!

Options are unlimited with fabric and nailhead pattern combinations.

Upholstered desk/console table with nailheads:

Although classic, Greek key is very “current” at the moment.

Mongolian lamb is a chic option for this petite ottoman:

As a designer, I need choices.  Lots and lots of choices.  Wesley Hall carries over 800 fabrics and over 100 leathers.  Once you put trim and other embellishments into the mix … well, there’s no (good) reason to have the same sofa as your neighbor!

We all love pretty, but there is a non-glamorous world that happens behind the scenes, and not all sofas are created equal.  The bottom line: Wesley Hall is a responsible manufacturer.   Their craftsmen are paid by the hour, not by the piece — which means that they aren’t encouraged to work faster at the expense of quality.  What matters is that the piece is finished perfectly, not quickly.

As a mom, I care about what goes into the products I put in my home.  Because Wesley Hall is a 100% Made in the USA manufacturer, their safety standards are beyond what most companies require.  They buy only USA-made foam, none of which contains the harmful fire-retardent chemical that you’ve been reading about in the news.  The glues are water-based and toxin-free.  The hardwood frames are made of US-grown maple and effectively sterilized through the kiln-drying process.  There are no carcinogens or other toxins in the wood frames or finishing materials.   It’s like we tell our kids — inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty!

If you aren’t a designer or weren’t able to make it to market, you can still catch up on all of the fantastic things Wesley Hall is doing.  They’ve created a virtual showroom tour, organized chronologically by market, which is the next-best thing to being there!

Thank you for sponsoring my market trip, Wesley Hall, but do note…I’ll never forgo walking through those fabulous doors, or refilling my coffee after a 15 hour day!


Harden Furniture – Part 2

At a recent blog conference, the question was posed: “Who dictates color trends?”  Many say that the power is in the hands of textile designers, and I would have to agree.  Custom fabrics can be costly and time-prohibitive, so often times, designers are limited to what already exists.

Before Spring and Fall Market, furniture manufactures tour Showtime, the largest dedicated home textile show in the United States, to select fabrics for the upcoming season and to get a sneak peak of emerging colors, textures, and pattern trends.  Here’s what the Harden team concluded:

  • The use of tangerine and pink in a variety of patterns and textures gives us clean and graphic designs without the use of frilly flowers.
  • Flame stitch is back but in a different format featuring an almost digital look in a very non-traditional color scheme.

Harden’s tufted back slipper chair from the Artisan Collection in a flame stitch fabric:

  • Textural woven goods with hand crafted looks were all over the market.
  • Blue continues to be a dominant color with shades ranging from indigo to vaporous aqua tones.

  • Sheen and shimmer are still in! (sweet!)
  • The use of polished cottons, Lurex (a branded yarn with a metallic appearance that is made from synthetic film, onto which a metallic aluminum, silver, or goldlayer has been vaporized) and pearlized finishes create surface interest.
  • For the past several markets we have commented about Gray and its role as the new neutral, well it continues to prove it has staying power.
  • Harden has included new patterns in platinum and cream to give it a fresh look, and to warm up the gray tone, we’ve added a splash of Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year.

I love the raspberry tones they selected for the entry showroom displays!

In a designer’s world, customization is imperative, and the ability to see past existing finishes opens up a vast world of design opportunities. Take the St. Regis Entertainment Center, for example. This orangish/red stain lends itself to a traditional environment, but by merely changing the finish to a darker ebony stain, it takes on a completely different look.

Harden is a fully customizable company, and when they say you can choose any finish, they mean any finish! Painted, gold leaf, lacquered…perhaps you want to add a metal top!? No problem! They have the tools and craftsmen to turn your vision into reality, and it doesn’t hurt that Mrs. Harden is an Interior Designer herself with a successful design firm.  I’m quite sure she understands the constant need of “stretch this, add that, tweak here…..” After all, you would never want to tell Mr. President, “I’m sorry, your conference room table is only available in two finishes!”