Tuesday’s Tip: Painting

Wrap a rubber band around your paint can to stop drips and to prevent paint from drying in the lid!

Tuesday’s Tip and Fall Trends

A small detail can go a long way, and it can also bring a boring space to life! I am honored to be asked by HGTV to weigh in on the top 2012 trends! (pictures 18-19) See how Brian Patrick Flynn effortlessly uses my favorite Fall Trend.

Tip: Jazz up your bookshelves by adding wallcovering to the back!

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Tobi Fairley


“I like symmetry and it’s quite easy to create a tablescape that has a pair of lamps with a gorgeous accessory or work of art in the middle.”  – Tobi Fairley


Tuesday’s Tips: Videos For Your Blog or TV

Yesterday I spent the day with media coach Bob Steel and videographer Leonard Chamblee. We learned what to do and what not to do in front of the camera, so I’m passing along a few of my favorite tips. And off the record, I would love to host my own design show! (ok, ok Bob said that nothing is off the record, so always be aware when a microphone is around)

1. Prepare your message and practice, practice, practice. The reason you were good in the high school play is because you rehearsed! Football players rehearse! Golfers rehearse!

2. Tell them what your going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.

3. Dress to fit the story.

4. Avoid Stripes or Plaids (they can move on the camera) and don’t wear big jewelry (oops!)

5. Be kind to the camera guy! He affects the outcome of the shot (they can zone in on your sweaty forehead…or wrinkles in my case 😉

Thank you Bob & Leonard for a fantastic day!

Tuesday’s Tip: Extending the Life Of Your Mascara

You can extend the life of your mascara by weeks if you add a few drops of water! Start with one drop, you can always add more, and in another week or two, add a few more drops.

Also, I’ve tried many, many mascaras ($20-30, whatever, I’ll pay a premium for rockstar lashes) but to my surprise, I keep going back to old faithful…L’oreal. This stuff rocks and you can find it at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc. Just remember 12X, color: Blackest Black, and I don’t use waterproof.

Hope this tip helps stretch your dollar! If you have any makeup tips, please do share.


Tuesday’s Tip: Thanksgiving Dessert Table

Try going against the grain this Thanksgiving. Incorporate non-traditional colors or create a dessert table for a fun twist. You can even download these cute food labels for free. Click here for more info.

Do you have any original Thanksgiving tips? I’d love to hear!