Themed HomeTheaters

All aboard! Sail under the stars in this Pirates of the Caribbean themed home theaters. I don’t think it gets more realistic than this! I couldn’t pass up sharing this Show-stopping theater when it came across my inbox. One of our starry ceiling vendors featured their product in this amazing installation.

Starry ceilings range from a basic square panel with lighting effects mimicking the night sky, to domed ceilings, constellations and shooting stars!

Star Trek

Batman Cave

If you would like a themed theater in the privacy of your own home, we can assist in the design, construction documents, lighting control, distributed audio/video, and installation! Email us at:

Should the Television Be the Focal Point?

This has been a debate for many years among husbands and wives. It seems as though men want the biggest television on the market and women want to hide it! There are several ways to incorporate technology, but without it being the overwhelming focal point of the space. In the bedroom below, a beautiful painting conceals a tv screen and can be rolled up with the touch of a button.

To achieve this look, you can choose from thousands of images or have your favorite painting reproduced on canvas (as long as you can get access of the copyright, of course). Now, you can have the best of both worlds!

If you would like to turn your television into a work of art, shoot me an email at