Tuesday’s Tip: How To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Are you tired of living in a cave? Do you feel like your environment is draining your energy? With a few changes, you can bring a fresh, spring feel into your home! I don’t know about you, but I feel like a turtle peeping out of its shell from the cold winter months. My clothing is even being inspired by all these wonderful colors blooming in stores. (I’m tired of all the black!) I’ll show you how a minor changes can make a major impact.

Color is a major factor that affects your mood. There is scientific evidence that certain colors can raise your heart rate and others can have a calming effect. Bringing in a fresh color pallet can be just the cure you need! Before you start making purchases, it’s important to define what your goals are for the space so you know which hues to incorporate.

Take note of the wood pieces you have. Are they dark and heavy? Change out dark furniture for metals or a mirrored finish to bounce light around the space. Adding an upholstered coffee table as I did below can also be an effective to bring in lighter pieces.

Accessories and artwork can be a game changer in your space. If you’re gun shy about color, try a few pillows, lamps or even a colorful flower arrangement. (Think 2 dozen yellow tulips in a vase…it doesn’t take much!) If you have dark walls, consider a predominately light background in your artwork…and go large!

What type of rugs do you have? If they are dark and your eye goes straight to them, look for a natural option like sisal or seagrass.

Do you see a major difference in the two rooms I created in Olioboard?

BEFORE: Fall Inspired

AFTER: Spring Inspired

Tip: Don’t forget to look in other rooms of your home. There may be accent pieces you can switch out.

How do materials or color affect your space? I’d love your feedback!

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Outdoor Spaces

Speaking of courtyards…a client called needing help with her outdoor space. It was basically a huge empty space, 40′ x 30′.  The challenge was to fill the large space with adequate seating for entertaining. To accomplish this, several things were required:

1. Multiple seating groups

2. Large vertical planters as fillers to avoid clutter and too much furniture

3. Vignettes for symmetry and balance

4. Rugs to define the space

5. Drapes on the cabanna to add a soft texture




Are you able to see the space a little better now? This is simply the scaled elevations next to the floorplan.

In addition to new pieces, we were able to repurpose a few existing furniture pieces! (which is always a plus!)

If you need help with your outdoor space, email us at: stacynaquin@cox.net or visit the website.


Courtyards of Beverly Hills

Spring is here!  I adore beautiful outdoor spaces and thought this would be the perfect place to start my Los Angeles tour from the Design Bloggers Conference. There is nothing like having a tour guide that knows all the hot spots. Thank you Brad Clifford for showing my friends and me around! He introduced us to Formations on Melrose Ave., Jean de Merry & Therien & Co. to name a few.

Notice the scale below…although the courtyard is small, the grand height makes it feel like a massive space.

Even the parking lots are beautiful in Beverly Hills!

If you are looking for more Spring influence for your home, check out these blog posts:  First Signs of Spring, Sail Into Spring, Springtime in Paris, and Spring In Full Swing.

Join me tomorrow for an outdoor space I’m working on!


Sail Into Spring

This was an easy post, as I have hundreds of gray and yellow photos in my iPhoto repertoire. Are you seeing a pattern with gray? It is the new black, and I often wonder how to spell it – with an A or E…so here is an easy way to remember in case you are wondering too:

America = grAy

England = grEy

Benjamin Moore ‘Sail Into Spring’ Colorway

Left to Right: provence créme (2021-60), mysterious (AF-565), frostine (AF-5)

I admire Tobi Fairley for her fearless use of color and pattern.


Jennifer GarriguesBenjamin Moore – Seashell (OC-120)   by: Jennifer Garrigues



Kelly Wearstler


J. Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons


If you would like to add spring colors to your home, contact me at stacynaquin@cox.net.



Bonjour! Springtime in Paris



This may be my favorite color scheme so far, so I have put together a dreamy Paris outfit. I love how this look is masculine and sophisticated, but with a feminine touch. The suede Calvin Klein shoes can easily go from day to evening. Perhaps a nude Tory Burch bag for lunch, switched out for a slate grey handbag for dinner, and you’re on your way to the best dressed list!

Dress: Juicy Couture, Handbags: Amanda by Tory Burch, Ring: Lisa Stewart Knot Coctail Ring, Heels: Calvin Klein Katarina Suede Sandals, Bracelet: Ostrich Leather Cuff by Dannijo, Find:  here


white dove (oc-17)    sea life (2118-40)    bird’s egg (2051-60)


Phoebe HowardMrs. Howard has done it again.

Which color combo from the last 4 days is your favorite?

Spring Twist

This spring color mix by Benjamin Moore is definitely a twist compared to the neutral color combinations in the last two posts. I am seeing a lot of the red/orange color combinations in fashion right now, but more heavy on the saturated side. Add a little spring to your wardrobe with this Kate Spade bangle or this Boho handbag by Marc Jacobs.

Living Room by Jay Jeffers

Spring Twist colors from left to right: ivory tower (2157-70), coral essence (2007-40), beeswax (2157-40)




Rug by Surya

Fabric by Schumacher

Are you ready for spring yet? Have you picked up fresh flowers for your home?