The Turquoise

Every year since I can remember, my family and I have taken a beach vacation. We are quite lucky to be only 4 hours away from a sandy white beach, and this year we decided to try a new condo.  The Turquoise Place Resort is located in Orange Beach, Alabama, just a few steps away from the Florida boarder. There is a huge pool, lazy river & ginormous fitness center.

I was mesmerized by all the gorgeous light fixtures, and could seriously hang out in this lobby all day! The 42″ chandelier, appropriately name Lillie, hangs over an 84″ diameter antiqued mirrored table. Both pieces are customs from Niermann Weeks.

Isn’t this lighting detail so fun & unique!

All items are appropriately scaled for the expansive space. Notice the floor lamps below- they are massive, but would have gotten lost if they were any more slender.

Did you notice the acrylic furniture legs? Oh the little details!

The end. Period. Need I say more?

When I looked back through my vacation pictures, I noticed something…there were no pictures of people! Not a single one! No children, no spouse, no nieces, nada. Yikes! I was in work mode for sure and was glued to the sofa finishing up the powerpoint for an LSU Leisure Course – Interior Decorating. There’s a new one starting in the fall, did you know? Check it out!

I promise to post pics of the family soon!


Tuesday’s Tip: Chandelier Hanging Height & Size

Have you ever wondered what size your dining room light fixture should be? Before buying the wrong size, you can do a quick little calculation to find out!

Designers have several tricks of the trade and Crystorama has provided the perfect tool to save you time.

How wide should a chandelier be?
To size a chandelier in your room. Measure the length and width of the room and add those figures together. Example the room is 12’ X 14”, (12+14=26? – the chandelier is 26”

How wide should a chandelier be if my table size is…?
To size a chandelier to your table, measure the width of your table and divide by 2.
Dining Table seats 4-6 people, the chandelier diameter is 20”-24”
Dining Table seats 6-8 people, the chandelier diameter is 25”-29”
Dining Table seats 8-10 people, the chandelier diameter is 30”-36”

How low should a chandelier hang with a two-story ceiling?
The chandelier should hang 10”-11” above the floor.

What is the height a chandelier should hang above a table?
Click here to visit their website and find out!


Did you find this tip useful?


Happy Labor Day!

I hope you’re able to catch up on your rest today! Labor Day marks the end of summer, the beginning of NFL and college football, and the last day to wear white. (I always say you have to know the rules to break them!) I love white, but I guess my “summer dresses” will have to move to the back of the closest.

Today is also my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday MOM!!! Here’s one last “white” picture of the season for you…a white kitchen. (I’ve been begging to paint the brown cabinets for years…I think I’m finally wearing her down)

The fixture below is from Crystorama. They carry a beautiful assortment of lighting from traditional to modern…can’t go wrong with Swarovski!)

How do you feel about white after Labor Day? Any big celebration plans?