Favorite Book Friday: Interior Wisdom

Happy GOOD Friday! In commemoration of Easter & the resurrection of Jesus, I want to share one of my most cherished coffee table books. Interior Wisdom is written by a dear friend and mentor. I found this book while shopping in New Orleans, and little did I know that I would soon have the honor of meeting this talented author & designer.

Leah Richardson walks you through her design process from praying over the floorplan, creating a perfect guest room, to the thank you gifts she leaves behind for the client. Click here to order a copy, or here for her website.

Thank you Leah…the Wisdom you’ve taught me…I’ll never forget!!!


Favorite Book Friday: Inspired Styles by Assouline

Happy Friday! I’m starting a new series which was inspired by my affinity for Interior Design books. Although I have thousands of inspirational images on my computer, there is something about a tangible book I adore. I’ll share my favorites and a few excerpts from each.

Inspired Styles was a swag gift from Kravet’s 2011 Blogfest. The book features a compilation of inspired works by 17 designers including Barbara Barry, Alexa Hampton, Thomas O’Brien, Candice Olson, Windsor Smith, Vicente Wolf and more! The book is a tribute to Cary Kravet’s curiosity of what inspires artists. You will get a sneak peak inside each designer’s mind as they feature their artistic approach to creating unique environments.

Below are works from Allegra & Ashley Hicks