Design Bloggers’ Offices – Kandrac & Kole

I have always been intrigued with how people organize. It’s truly the key to business and life success. I find myself more focused when my home and office is in order, and more chaotic when I have piles to sort through.

As designers we often tend to “personalize” our space and express ourselves throughout our home and office…which led me to this new blog series where I will feature wonderful design bloggers I have met throughout the years. I’ll take you on a tour through their spaces, and show you how diverse our “worlds” are…from the colors we choose, to the way we hang our fabric samples!

When I first met Joann & Kelly, I immediately knew they were fun, energetic and full of life. You even can see their personality shine through their blog header!

How long have you been in business? 6 years last August

What made you decide on this career choice?

Kelly: This career is the best of all worlds –  getting to work with people in an environment that is personal and special to them, working with products, colors, textures, and more that are constantly evolving and changing and being able to be a free thinker and creator of beautiful things.

Joann: We’ve both had a knack for design from a young age but it came about as a career in our later years.  All of our experiences prior to now have helped us become better designers!

What did you do before design?

Kelly: For 13 years, I worked in luxury apartment management climbing the corporate ladder very fast until I was a Vice President – a tired, fried and crispy VP that needed a change!

Joann: I worked as an administrative assistant and legal secretary in Cleveland, Ohio.  After moving to Atlanta, I was responsible for all of the buying and merchandising in a large privately owned home decor retail store.

What is the favorite part of your office?

We honestly love every square inch but our conference room is our favorite. It’s open and airy with lots of natural light, it’s colorful and really well organized.   Since it sits 10-12 comfortably, it’s great for client presentations and for teaching our new workshops. We also love that we are right in the heart of a downtown historic district and in a place that won an  “All America City” award in 2010.

Joann & Kelly took two half moon windows, attached together, and added their logo. (pretty crafty!)

Their conference room is my favorite! Well done girls, and thanks so much for sharing your beautiful workspace!

If you would like to know more about Joann & Kelly, visit their blog here.

Or join in their new venture: Discovering Design with Kandrac & Kole – a series of workshops aimed towards new designers and design enthusiasts alike. To learn more, click here.