White Linen Night – New Orleans

This weekend, my husband and I went to New Orleans for White Linen Night. The block party celebrates local artists and galleries along Julia Street. Samplings of New Orleans’ world-famous cuisine from local restaurants are scattered throughout the Art District. And of course, a white linen outfit is a must!

I’m always on a mission to scope out swanky hotels with haute decor. The Saint Hotel was a great discovery!

Now that’s a dining table! (Why do the dining tables never look like this at Bed & Breakfast hotels???)

I think the chandelier inside the bell is so clever!

White makes me happy, and so does this graphic carpet pattern! The contrasting ceiling is a nice touch too.

Mallory Page unveiled a series called Treehouse for White Linen Night. Her use of color is genius!


The Dark Knight Rises

Meet Jacob Zumo. He is an artist from Baton Rouge, and I couldn’t resist sharing this Batman piece. I used to always watch scary movies when I was young & loved the suspense of Batman movies. Now, I much prefer the funny light hearted ones like Something About Mary, Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo, and Beetlejuice for a little old school!

I need to get my hands on this vintage suitcase! (By the way Jacob, my Birthday is the 20th.)

Are you familiar with Roy Lichtenstein? He was a prominent American pop artist in the 60’s who based his work on comic strips. There are some really funny ones…google him if you have time.

Don’t forget to check out Jacob’s facebook page!


Tribal African JuJu Hat As Wall Art

In African tribal villages, the Tyn or Juju hat is worn by royalty chiefs or prominent members of society during royal affairs, weddings or funerals. This beautiful adornment is made from multi-colored, white or dyed bird feathers. The hats are a symbol of prosperity, wealth & the positive qualities associated with birds.

When not in use, it can be folded inward for storage, but has been seen lately as beautiful wall applications.

Photography Credits: Image 1, 2, 3, 4


In Full Bloom (on canvas)

My son and I were at his school fair a few weeks ago, and while he was running around with his friends, I took the opportunity to go shopping in the school gym!  Each year several vendors set up to promote their goodies. I love supporting local moms and was pleasantly surprised to see a friend of mine selling her artwork.  I have known Suzanne Granger for many years. She is so precious and definitely holds the bar high for being an amazing wife and mom. I’m glad I got there early to claim it first. Isn’t this flower a beauty!