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The design community has been buzzing about Wesley Hall for their unbelievable finishes, embellishments and customization.  (ok, and their famous “tufted doors” too!) They have been a family-owned company for 25 years — and 100% manufactured in the United States — but they’ve recently taken their brand to a whole new level.  Their recipe for success?  Classic lines, pops of colors, and extreme attention to detail.

Zack Taylor & Amy Huff – the fun & the brains at Wesley Hall!

The Audrey Chair (left) is customized with a 3″ fabric band and Greek Key Tape.  Can you tell it includes a swivel base?  This option, available on most chairs, is ideal for creating conversation areas in open floor plan rooms.  Although petite in size, the rope welt on the Parker Settee seat cushion (top right) makes a big statement.  I’m particularly crazy for grosgrain tape and nail head trim combo, seen in gunmetal on the Hagan Settee (bottom right). Personalization is the true luxury of our era — not to mention the unparalleled level of quality.

A little detail goes a long way…(notice the difference in spacing of the nailheads from the image above and below) And did you spot the flat cording detail along the seat cushion?

Create a personalized look with contrasting cording and chair banding:

These are the infamous doors I speak of!

Options are unlimited with fabric and nailhead pattern combinations.

Upholstered desk/console table with nailheads:

Although classic, Greek key is very “current” at the moment.

Mongolian lamb is a chic option for this petite ottoman:

As a designer, I need choices.  Lots and lots of choices.  Wesley Hall carries over 800 fabrics and over 100 leathers.  Once you put trim and other embellishments into the mix … well, there’s no (good) reason to have the same sofa as your neighbor!

We all love pretty, but there is a non-glamorous world that happens behind the scenes, and not all sofas are created equal.  The bottom line: Wesley Hall is a responsible manufacturer.   Their craftsmen are paid by the hour, not by the piece — which means that they aren’t encouraged to work faster at the expense of quality.  What matters is that the piece is finished perfectly, not quickly.

As a mom, I care about what goes into the products I put in my home.  Because Wesley Hall is a 100% Made in the USA manufacturer, their safety standards are beyond what most companies require.  They buy only USA-made foam, none of which contains the harmful fire-retardent chemical that you’ve been reading about in the news.  The glues are water-based and toxin-free.  The hardwood frames are made of US-grown maple and effectively sterilized through the kiln-drying process.  There are no carcinogens or other toxins in the wood frames or finishing materials.   It’s like we tell our kids — inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty!

If you aren’t a designer or weren’t able to make it to market, you can still catch up on all of the fantastic things Wesley Hall is doing.  They’ve created a virtual showroom tour, organized chronologically by market, which is the next-best thing to being there!

Thank you for sponsoring my market trip, Wesley Hall, but do note…I’ll never forgo walking through those fabulous doors, or refilling my coffee after a 15 hour day!



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