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I know what you’re thinking…”Oh those barstools look fabulous on the showroom floor, but within five minutes in my house, they’ll be a different color!” About 90% of my clients tell me during the consultation that they don’t want their house to look like a museum, and yes, they all use that exact phrase.  (In my head, I’m thinking “Why not? That’s crazy talk!”  But I’ve gotten really good with the ol’ filter.)  What they are trying to say is that they want to live in their house, for nothing to be off limits, and for their furniture to look just as good in 2 years. The good news: You don’t have to select dark fabric for seating or ban your family from the new sofa!

Wesley Hall barstools covered in Crypton Fabric

Because style and performance are important to most families, Wesley Hall has included 45 Crypton fabrics in their upholstery line.  The fabric is environmentally friendly, and won’t emit harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.  It is stain resistant, odor resistant, and easy to clean.  And if you need even more protection, Crypton Super Fabric has an impenetrable moisture barrier.  (I wish I would have known about this fabric before getting a male dog. Sigh)

Even without a moisture barrier, liquid beads up and sits for a month before soaking into the fabric!  (I know many events where red wine wasn’t even served, and rightfully so.)

Mixing fabric types can result in an interesting contrast of textures.  For the furniture below, Wesley Hall selected a Crypton fabric for the top of the ottoman (where dirty shoes and kids will be) and a regular patterned fabric for the vertical portion.  The sofa and chocolate wing chair are also covered in Crypton fabric.  (I’m not naming names, but why are the white towels dirty? You just got out the shower!)

The Wesley Hall dining room chairs, covered in Crypton fabric, show how style meets function. Would you have ever known that this beautiful fabric could also be so practical?!

One of the other fabrics Wesley Hall uses for high durability furniture is Sunbrella. The company makes marine fabrics for outdoor use in boats and yachts, so UV protection is one of the strengths of their product. Their line also includes many fabrics suitable for both indoor and outdoor home use. Sunbrella fabrics offer the same stain resistance and durability as Crypton, but provide extra protection from damaging sun exposure.  Furniture placed near windows that get direct sunlight will eventually fade fabric and dyed leather!

Sunbrella fabric on the sofa & quatrefoil chairs

The hang-out where I got my daily market caffeine dose…too pretty to keep to myself!



  1. Maria Killam says:

    Awesome post, now there’s simply no excuse not to have white bar stools! x Maria

  2. Beautiful interior designing and interior furnishing!

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