Steam Showers and Spring Flowers

I didn’t even need a seasonal calendar this year. My yellow vehicle gave it away.  Pollen + Contacts + Allergies = a convincing story for a Steam Shower purchase! Confession: I once joined a gym for the steam shower. (I’m a total Eucalyptus junkie!)

The good news: You don’t have to join a gym to get steam shower access! All you need is a 3′ x 3′ x 7′ space in your home. (Check!)

My husband is a firm believer in all technology man-toys, so if it has a touch screen or sound waves, it’s probably going in our house. In fact, he found Mr. Steam long before they became one of our BlogTourVegas KBIS sponsors.

iSteam: Hightech meets high touch with the iSteam home steam shower control. As easy to use as a smartphone, the highly intuitive LCD touch screen features beautiful graphics and high-performance in wet environments.

  • Swipe-touch simplicity controls temperature, duration, aromatherapy (healing scents), chromatherapy (therapeutic colored lighting) and music, turning your steam shower into a sensory spa.
  • The iSteam’s Auto-fading display incorporates a real-time clock, individual user preference settings, and screen dimming technology.
  • The iSteam is capable of full water immersion of up to three feet.
  • iSteam employs an exclusive three-tiered safety system with passcode protection, temperature limit and time-out features.
  • An optional Bluetooth® Audio Streaming System, iSteam, pairs up to eight devices and four in-shower speakers.
  • Available in black and white touch panels.
  • The 1/8″ display screen is nearly flush with the wall when installed.

It’s funny how things work. I haven’t had any kitchen or bath renovation requests in a few years, so when Modenus invited me on the Vegas Blog Tour for the Kitchen & Bath Show, I was thinking it would be good information for the future. As it turns out, my phone started ringing before the plane landed. So, if I’ve talked you into a new steam shower, you’ll need to decide how it will look. Here are some options I’ve pulled for clients:

I love how my friend Denise McGaha continued the bold stripes from the wall into the shower.

I’m not really a fan of the horizontal contrasting shower band/border. This look can be dated if not done properly. Of course, there is always the exception! The shower below is classy and the patterns aren’t too busy.

Square marble tiles installed with the pattern running in the same direction:


Limestone for the floors and walls:


Here’s a little cheat sheet for flooring, kitchen backsplash & other tile patterns:


Rectangular marble tile laid in a brick bond pattern with a pin dot mosaic floor. **Note the scale of the tile.** If you’re using more than one pattern, the scale should be different. (Think small, medium, large.)


Notice how they continued the white subway tile onto the remaining bathroom walls. The floors are a lot darker than the walls, but this works because both patterns read “solid”.


Black porcelain tile walls with pebble flooring. The seat is granite, but I would have probably used the same wall tile for the seat. Because of the stark contrast of the walls and granite, your eye is going to the lightest thing, which in this case, makes the granite seat the focal point.


Using the same 1″ x 1″ glass mosaics on the floor and walls:


Herringbone pattern in natural stone for the shower:


Wow! Look at the details in this shower. The stone “chair rail” is cut on a bevel to mimic wood paneling:


I love the graphic pattern of this black and white shower, but would have chosen something with cleaner lines (that don’t read so traditional) for the flooring:


The “Stack Bond” tile pattern gives a clean, contemporary look:


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  1. says:

    I recently built a steam shower unit, the best item I have got
    a hold of in a long while, kids and friends and family
    like it so much, cannot see us moving back to normal showers again

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