Radiant Orchid – Mardi Gras Style & Giveaway!

Like it or not, when Pantone speaks, everyone listens. When the “Color of the Year” is announced, trust me, you will know about it… f-o-r-t-w-e-l-v-e-m-o-r-e-m-o-n-t-h-s! Fashion, stationary, wallcovering, you name it, everyone plays along. I guess I will too!

Want even better news? One lucky reader will win a Mardi Gras treat, courtesy of Sucre’ New Orleans.

Pantone over the years:

King Cake…with glitter on top!

Mardi Gras Macarons

You see this purple guy below? It’s an oversized macaron with raspberry sauce that you squirt in the middle. Best dessert I’ve put in my mouth. Trust me.

Leave a comment below & let me know which one you’d prefer: A King Cake, or box of Mardi Gras Macarons!

Winner will be announced Friday, January 31st. Don’t forget to tell your friends!


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Congratulations Brooklyn! You get to choose from a Sucre’ King Cake or Box of Macarons!

Thank you to everyone who commented, and a big thanks to Sucre’ for sponsoring this contest!



  1. Kari says:

    They look so pretty and delicious! I would choose the King Cake – I’ve never tried one before. Thanks!

  2. Robyn D. says:

    Those macaroons look divine!

  3. Macarons! Because I totally trust your taste–in everything! : )

  4. cole says:

    KINGCAKE! :)

  5. King Cakes are the ONES!!!!! :)

  6. Nicole Williams says:

    King cake!

  7. Caroline says:

    King Cake! What could be better than Sucre, Mardi Gras and Radiant Orchid? Oh, and glitter… of course… lots of glitter!

  8. Amy noll says:

    I love sucre’s macaroons & the mardi gras ones look fantastic!

  9. Katie D says:

    Macaroons look fantastic and yummy!

  10. Jenn S says:

    King Cake! Have never had the real deal,

  11. Hewette Stringer says:

    King Cake!

  12. Brooklyn says:

    THE MARDI GRAS MACARONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Please!!!! I have been wanting to try them since last year and you’re giving some away… What?! Crossing fingers.

  13. april says:

    I would prefer the macarons!!! So pretty. LOVE Sucre, I hope to visit there again some day!

  14. brittany o says:

    king cake!!

  15. fdavis says:

    Macarons, please! :)

  16. Angela says:

    A king cake! Is this for New Orleans area residents only?

  17. Ben says:

    I’d like to try a King cake.

  18. Maitland says:

    I’ve been craving macaroons, so it would be nice to have some to celebrate my birthday this week!

  19. Brooklyn says:

    The Mardi Gras Macarons!!!! A thousand times yes! I would loooove to try them.

  20. Theresa H. says:

    Definitely a King Cake!!! We are missing them this year. We had a military move last year and they have know idea what they are in Oklahoma.:(

  21. livivua says:

    i would love a king cake

  22. Amber says:

    Either would be lovely! The King Cake looks really fun though, love those colors!

  23. Gina says:

    Everything looks so delicious. I love king cakes.

  24. sharon says:

    Oooh, hard choice! I think I would choose the macarons! Gorgeous!

  25. Susan Christy says:

    I’ve never had a King Cake, but those Mardi Gras Macarons are calling my name!!!

  26. rachel says:

    Oh my gosh…macarons would be AMAZING.

  27. Brooklyn says:

    I don’t know if the more you comment, the higher the chance of getting chosen, but I will gladly comment for the third time. I would absolutely cry for those Mardi Gras Macarons from Sucré! : )

  28. Susan Whelan says:

    King cake! Sucre is the best!

  29. Carol says:

    Loved King Cake when we came for Mardi Gras, but would love to try the macarons!

  30. Kelly Watts says:

    I would like to try either!!! They look awesome friend!

  31. Mary Jenkins says:

    I’d love to bring a box of the macarons to my daughter’s girl scout troop. I just know these would blow their little minds!

  32. Brooklyn says:

    AH. It’s January 31st… Hopelessly crossing fingers for that delightful box of Sucré’s mardi gras macarons!!!

  33. Brooklyn says:

    OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. I AM SO THRILLED! Thank you so much, Stacy! I have emailed you, and I look forward to the macarons! :) Thanks again!! I can’t wait to surprise my family!!

  34. Torrie Deslatte says:

    MaRdI GrAs MaCaRoNs :)

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