Not Ya Mommas Formica



I’ve had all things vintage on my brain a lot lately. Maybe because of the access to so many interior design products on the internet and the desire for something not mass produced, or maybe a desire to slow down in this fast paced information age. Just back to simplicity. Back to the basics. (Even Formica adds knew how easy livin’ was back then šŸ˜‰ Secretly, I love hurricanes. Of course, I don’t love the devastation of storms, but when the electricity is down in the whole city for a week, no one expects their sofa to ship or a paint color to be selected on a 2-hour notice. I guess it’s a little like the ice storms up north that we get to bypass down here.

In case you didn’t know…I have extreme personality conflicts. Couture meets hippie. Beverly Hills Mansion meets Airstream camper. Ā I know, it doesn’t seem plausible. But just look at this lil’ guy! I would love to own trick out a vintage camper. (Now, it may have Kelly Wearstler or DVF fabric in it, nonetheless.)

Vintage Formica patterns:

As you can see, laminate, or Formica as we all know it, has come a long way. What a gorgeous wall installation with Petrified Wood!

And for all you creatives: Formica Envisionā„¢ is a completely custom laminate that allows you to create a totally unique surface on high performance laminate. Use the art you dream up – your design, photography, logo, illustration or painting.

Sushi Table Art:

Custom Furniture:

Custom Lockers:

So, Formica…for the record, and the next KBIS show…I’m nominating myself as the Creative Director. We will have an Airstream for our booth and will win Best of Show! Just sayin’.

Until then…

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  1. What a timely post for me, Stacy! I have a client interested in replacing her current Formica top with a new one. I spent an hour at the fabricators this morning learning about all the new options. It really has come a long way!

  2. Maggie says:

    Sounds like an excellent and simple way to dress up everyday surfaces. I really love the blue formica added to the dresser.

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