Cigarette Tables, Bar Carts & Gold

This post isn’t about smoking, booze & money, but rather a few chic pieces you might just want to get your hands on before the holiday guest rush!

Before I show you the pieces I just can’t live without this season, I wanted to share a little cheat sheet in case you skipped too many Art History classes.  This timeline takes you on a little French furniture history tour from Medieval times to the present, and if you’re a visual learner like me, you’ll enjoy the overview here!

In case you’re wondering, the most important piece of furniture in my living room right now happens to be the smallest piece…the infamous Cigarette Table!  Although smoking is so uncool and gross, the tiny tables that used to hold ashtrays are back in vogue.  How in the world did I function before?  These little tables are lightweight, portable & extremely versatile.  They are the perfect spot for placing my coffee cup, extra notebook & pen, and definitely needed for the lonely side chair when I don’t feel like reaching the coffee table every time I want a Pumpkin Spice Latte’ sip!

Pictures do not even do justice to this sparkling Delft mosaic end table by French Heritage.  It is only 10.5″ in diameter and features a hand laid blue and white mosaic top with a silver leaf finished wrought iron base.

And if you read any blogs or magazines, you know by now that bar carts are the other hot ticket item right now!  They are also chic and versatile, and don’t forget to think outside the bar…You won’t find booze on my cart, but perhaps used as a side table, hot chocolate station, and right now, it’s a handy wrapping station that holds my ribbon & Christmas paper.

Check out this Rhone Bar Cart from French Heritage!  Serve your guests in style on glass trays with mirror edges and a gold leaf finish on wrought iron.  Casters on each leg give full mobility and help you navigate through your home with grace.

And have you heard of the Baptist Bar!?

Cabinet by day, bar by night!  (oh……I hope my Southern church friends have a sense of humor! 😉

Gold Rush! I told you how hot Gold is right now!  How gorgeous are these new introductions: Clairval End Table, Geneva Nesting Tables & Deveraux Coffee Table:

They even have a nice selection of mirrors like this transitional gold leaf mirror:

Or this greek key inspired Sahara mirror:

What is your favorite trend this season?


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