Caring for Furniture: Best Handbook & Tricks on the Planet!

Not much makes my lil heart go pitter-patter like a luxurious mix of materials.  I may be a down-to-earth Southern girl – but only with a fabulous dash of glamour thrown in!  That’s why I love showing real people how to enjoy their real lives in homes that are chic and unpretentious.  Let’s pull back the curtain, and show you how I mix high and low interiors.  We’ll splurge and we’ll save, and we’ll be smart about how we create your gorgeous home.

When I visited La Barge at High Point Market, I knew I had found yet another incredible resource in my designer toolbox.  It takes years of practice to pull off high-low like a pro!  The LM2532 sunburst mirror is 50” across.  Hello, FIFTY INCHES?  Talk about a statement piece.  You simply cannot replicate a piece like that in a lower-end line. Period! This, my sweet friends, is the designer handbag you carry with the sundress from Tar-jay, and in the design world, we call it SCALE!

Of course, La Barge is a go-to resource for not only the very finest handcrafted mirrors, but also tables and accent furnishings.  Skilled artisans use time-honored techniques to create an array of designs that balance the past and the present.  La Barge often explores contrasting materials on traditional forms, which – in my book – creates tremendous added value.

LT8693 Table

Let’s use the LT8693 chairside table as an example.  Of course, the size is perfect.  Every seat needs a place to put a drink, and this table fits just about anywhere.  Because it’s a La Barge table, however, the brass has Sherwood and glazed finishes.  Yum.  The top?  Reverse painted black lacquer glass.

Let’s take my fashion comparison a step further.  When you splurge on name-brand luggage, you expect it to hold up better than the cheap-o you scored at the airport because you bought a few too many things on that shopping trip to New York.  Ahem.  Not that I’ve done that or anything.  Well, La Barge takes the same position with their furniture.  When you invest in their pieces, you get what you’ve paid for!

La Barge expects their products to last a lifetime — and that’s why they, along with sister company Maitland-Smith, put together an amazing resource that not only describes the origin of their materials, but also explains the best way to care for their furniture.  I have never seen a handbook like this from any other company!  Oh, and it also provides a capsule summary of design throughout the centuries, including a timeline of periods and styles.  Seriously, this thing is better than Cliff’s Notes on a design history class

Do you know how to keep that gorgeous mirror streak-free?  Polish with old newspapers!  If you use paper towels, you need a fresh one for each portion of the glass.  The reverse painted glass table?  Dust with a soft cloth!  If you need to remove fingerprints, a damp cloth with mild soap should do the trick.

La Barge LT8683 Table

The LT8683 table has a paua shell inlaid top.  Yep, the care manual covers that, too.  It’s under Exotic Shell Inlay.  Which has its own category.  Enough said, right?


I hope you enjoy the handbook, and do please, share your own furniture tips and tricks in the comments!



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