I’m On a National TV Design Show!

I’ve been under the radar lately with client deadlines & secret projects, but finally, I get to share some really exciting news! Earlier this year, I filmed in New Orleans for a national design show with Antonio Sabato Jr.!  With a tight budget and the help of an amazing team, we were able to renovate a deserving couple’s bedroom in only one day.  Fix It & Finish It airs this Saturday on CBS!

David St.Romain (the contractor), me, Antonio Sabato Jr.

Depleted of energy and cash reserves, Craig & Meghan DeHarde still dreamed of the day they would come home to a calming master bedroom that invoked an island paradise, and when I landed on this color/texture combination, my vision was complete!  I’m still drooling over the aqua glass chandelier, but it would have killed the entire budget. As for the fabric, the picture doesn’t do it justice…the background has a gold shimmer and the pattern reminds me of a starfish, so… it had to land somewhere in the project.

Here’s a quick sketch and color study

Who knows, we may still be peeling off wallpaper if I opted to remove it! With only one day to complete the project, I decided that paneling over the paper would be the safer option.


Tune in to see their big reveal, and check back on the blog…I’ll tell you more about the design and show you several Do-It-Yourself projects that helped stretch the budget!



Thank you Antonio Sabato Jr, Kate Dermody, Robert Niederecker & the entire film crew for all your hard work and long hours, and thank you Florencia Turco DeRoussel for introducing me to the team! Thank you Craig & Meghan DeHarde for trusting us with your home!


I’m so blessed and grateful to have a support team to help bring my dreams to life! Thank you, thank you, thank you….

Bryan, thank you for always being there to support me & for working tirelessly to complete this project.

Cade, A type-A mom couldn’t be more proud! You’ve used more painters’ tape and held more cans of spray paint than any teenager around the globe. Thank you for having a cheerful heart toward my endless DIY project requests and for enduring the times you’ve heard, “Just one more coat!”

David, I couldn’t have pulled this off without you (and your tools!) Thank you for the blood, sweat & tears, literally. You worked your tail off until the very end, and I promise never to ask you to install wainscot again!

Travis, Wow! You did an amazing job on the electrical and jumped in without question to do anything we needed you for. When I asked if you could help, you didn’t even hesitate for a second. I’m overwhelmed by your graciousness!

Jaime, this bedroom wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful without the touch of custom pillows. Thank you for putting up with my crazy design ideas, that sometimes come with short notice!

Yvonne, I’ll blame you for my expensive taste! At the end of my budget,  The Rug Place was gracious to help get one last detail to complete and soften the room. Thank you for always being there to support me. You’re an amazing teacher and mentor!

Daryl & Sons, one of the first things the homeowner noticed during the reveal was the custom framed agate art! You never fail to exceed my expectations, and finding vendors like you is indeed, a breath of fresh air.