Vintage + Modern

Some people call it eclectic, others call it disaster. When mixing design styles, you have to know what you’re doing. I tell my clients that are interested in a variety of styles, that you can like sweatpants and stilettos, but you can’t wear them together! Vintage and Modern is one of my favorite mixes. It can be very timeless and a great alternative if you have a collection of vintage pieces and are ready to make the switch. (to the modern side, that is) This living room by Shelly Riehl is just stunning. Vintage light fixtures, mirror and chairs mixed with modern art, sofa, coffee table, and a zebra rug that pulls it all together!


Piperfields is a great local store I recently found. They sell vintage jewelry, modern replicas and other little goodies. Even their business card is savvy!

Wallpaper made of book pages wraps the dressing room…

C’mon, I know some of you peeps are going to attempt this chandelier tonight!

The vintage case…

Okay, this is where it gets good…ohhhh…I’m lusting. Brass trinket boxes…

Double lust….vintage necklace holders! Perhaps my closet will jump to priority in the new house. Can’t you see it: White lacquer built ins, gaudy chandeliers (I was a drag queen in my former life, ya know!) and these brass babies everywhere!


Can’t get enough…

And this little guy as an oversized mirror. Done. #quickestclosetdesignever

Couldn’t help myself…St. Patrick’s Day present?

The end.

Oh, call me. I can make this happen for you. (225) 308-1754



  1. Julie says:

    oh I am LOVING those vintage fashion prints! imagine how stunning they would be in a powder room or such. love them so.

  2. Exactly what I have in mind Julie! Those gems will have really look good and perfect in my powder room.

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