Southern Chic Interiors

Houses of Baton Rouge

Do you ever notice the difference in architecture and building materials when visiting a new city? When I went to Cape Cod, I was surprised at the amount of wood shingle siding on many of the homes. Wood? In the South? It would swell out the box before making it on the exterior! I wonder if people think the same when they visit Louisiana? Here, builders tend to overuse stucco…and brown! I often joke about all the neighborhoods with the same style home and same 3 shades of brown stucco.

Aside from the monotony, Baton Rouge has several quaint neighborhoods with a rich history and hundred year old oak trees lining the streets.

In college, my best friend and I would walk/run these lakes daily. (now I drive and take pictures)

One of these homes is getting a fresh new Interior. Can’t wait to show you the reveal!

My friend in Ohio mentioned something about a fire pit last night…I thought maybe I heard wrong. Yep, while y’all Northerners are nestled with your Snuggies and making smores, I’m staring at my rear view mirror which reads 100 degrees!

Guess everything has a trade off.