The Turquoise

Every year since I can remember, my family and I have taken a beach vacation. We are quite lucky to be only 4 hours away from a sandy white beach, and this year we decided to try a new condo.  The Turquoise Place Resort is located in Orange Beach, Alabama, just a few steps away from the Florida boarder. There is a huge pool, lazy river & ginormous fitness center.

I was mesmerized by all the gorgeous light fixtures, and could seriously hang out in this lobby all day! The 42″ chandelier, appropriately name Lillie, hangs over an 84″ diameter antiqued mirrored table. Both pieces are customs from Niermann Weeks.

Isn’t this lighting detail so fun & unique!

All items are appropriately scaled for the expansive space. Notice the floor lamps below- they are massive, but would have gotten lost if they were any more slender.

Did you notice the acrylic furniture legs? Oh the little details!

The end. Period. Need I say more?

When I looked back through my vacation pictures, I noticed something…there were no pictures of people! Not a single one! No children, no spouse, no nieces, nada. Yikes! I was in work mode for sure and was glued to the sofa finishing up the powerpoint for an LSU Leisure Course – Interior Decorating. There’s a new one starting in the fall, did you know? Check it out!

I promise to post pics of the family soon!



  1. maison21 says:

    that chandelier is pretty awesome!

  2. Will Erickson says:

    The interior designer is Matt Nicholas out of Jackson, MS and is 2 associates, Marie Curtis and Emily Simmons. They are all best friends of mine and he will be so pleased to hear your kind words! I wish Turquoise Towers would go ahead and finish the project. A year or so ago, he showed me the plans for the rest of the complex and other tower, but the owner has not given the go ahead to finish. All the best! Will

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