Design In a Day

Need help with your home?

Know what you like but don’t know how to put it all together?

Wanting to paint but just not sure what colors to pick?

These are common concerns I hear often, and many people are scared to hire a designer because they don’t think they can afford one. I truly believe, you can’t afford NOT to! Hiring a designer for a day will save you time and costly mistakes. Decorating a home is all about scale, balance and proportion, and when one thing is off, the whole thing is off. This is the secret behind successful interiors.

Guys, this would be the perfect gift for your wife if you’re looking to score major brownie points! Email me for more details:


  1. Liz Carroll says:

    Such a great service Stacy!!!! Perfect Valentine’s Day gift!!!

  2. Looks great Stacy! Love this idea. xo

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