and the Winner Is….

Congratulations Jennifer Reynolds for winning the 1st annual Gingerbread House contest! You will be receiving your Sonos wireless music player complements of Acadian Custom Installations. There was actually a tie from the judges scores between Jennifer and Heather, but Jennifer had the most facebook “likes”.

“Here’s my “Cozy Christmas Cottage”….Craftsman Style of course!
I went traditional all the way. The large roof shingles kick off this festive villa (Nilla Waffers) and the traditional board and batten siding rings in Christmas cheer with its green color (chewing gum and sour punch straws). Red and Green candies topped off this tasty treat, marshmallows and royal icing set the snow scene and edible glitter added the glam factor.


Shiplap Beach Cottage by Heather Harkovich

“This is my ‘shiplap beach cottage’ gingerbread house- right on the ocean, just where I would live in Fantasy Land! I focused on creating a white, wood exterior (gum pieces), slate shingles (black licorice) and blue accents (no red and green) to tie into the ocean theme. Our ocean is blue tinted frosting, the sand is sugar in the raw and the grass, green tinted coconut.”


Gingerbread Cottage by Becky Freeman


Brick Cottage by Traci Zeller

“A cozy painted brick cottage tucked back into the woods. The dark shingled roof is especially charming after a fresh dusting of snow. Dark brown trim draws attention to the window casings, while a red front door welcomes all who pass by. A “Merry Christmas” doormat and “Reindeer Parking” right up front invite Santa and all guests inside to warm up by the fire! Don’t worry – these homeowners won’t run out of wood; a nice stack is right outside. Oh, and Santa can check the address to make sure he is at the right house!”


More is More house by Henry Zeller

“Henry (twin son of Traci Zeller and Michael Zeller) is lobbying for a “5 years and under” age category with his gingerbread cottage. Henry’s design philosophy can be summed up as “More Is More.” Despite the fact that his cottage failed inspection due to numerous Gingerbread Code violations (the extra candy on one side threatens the structural integrity of the roof), Henry is confident that his unique “maximalistic” aesthetic will ensure that he stands out in a crowded marketplace. Henry was overheard remarking that, “if Frank Lloyd Wright can be famous for making roofs that leak, so can I.”


Gingerbread Cottage by Kyle Reynolds


Melting Santa House by me & Cade

Thank you to everyone who took the time to create these beautiful masterpieces, to Acadian Custom Installations for donating the prize and a special thanks to Tobi Fairley & Jamie Herzlinger for judging the houses – I know it was a difficult choice and everyone did a fantastic job!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Yay for Jennifer! I loved her house!! And now I’ll break the news to Henry … 😉

  2. Congrats to Jennifer! What a beautiful house. I think they all did an amazing job! Bravo!

  3. Congrats Girlfriend stellar job!!xo

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