5 Tips To Creating the Perfect Moodboard – Olioboard

When designing a new space, you always want to begin with Inspiration. It may be tempting to start buying furniture & accessories, but just like when building a new house, you wouldn’t start without a plan. Even though you like something, it may not go with your vision. I always tell clients: “You may love stilettos and sweatpants, but you would never wear them together!” Having a cohesive plan is the key to a successful space!

If you are looking to redo a room(s) in your home, here are 5 tips to creating the perfect moodboard:

  1. Click¬†here to visit Olioboard’s website. It is a wonderful place to start for inspiration. Look at other moodboards for inspiration. Your board can be as simple or as intricate as you like.
  2. Pull things you love. Choose your favorite items (furniture, rugs, lighting, wallcovering, etc.) in the database from manufacturers such as Ralph Lauren, Layla Grace, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and many more. You can also upload items from your favorite websites or actual furniture from your home. Don’t worry about adding too many things, you can always edit later.
  3. Look for a common theme. Are you selecting similar colors? Patterns? Finishes?
  4. Edit. Have you selected more than one sofa or coffee table? Now it’s time to choose. The great thing about Olioboard, is you can visualize your space before you purchase! The items in your moodboard can be used as identical pieces to add to your room or just as inspiration for color and finish.¬†(Designer Tip: Olioboard is a great way to present to clients having a hard time visualizing their space.)

Typically, if you were to add items into a program like Word or Powerpoint, it would look like this:

But with Olioboard, you can remove the image background. See how much better it looks!?

5. Publish your Olioboard so others can see and draw inspiration. After you’ve selected all your products, you can purchase right from their site!


If you are still unsure of your decisions, you can always call a designer.

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  1. Kim Hoeger says:

    Love it! Have a great Monday!

  2. Donna Vining says:

    Love, thanks for the Olioboard tutorial! I’m looking into using Olioboard, and just haven’t done it yet. Thanks for sharing this info!!!


  3. I love Olioboard and use it for clients whenever necessary. They love to see on paper what I can see in my head!
    Great post.

  4. JONN says:

    love olioboard!!! Just starting out in the design field. Cant wait to use it for client presentations

  5. KnollaVah says:

    Hi guys! How are you presently these days?

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