Memorial Day…

Thank you to all the soldiers who have risked their lives for our freedom, and to all the families that have raised children alone while their spouses were serving in war. We are forever humbled and grateful for your service.

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HGTV Home Partners With Bassett Furniture

Since HGTV understands design trends , it didn’t surprise me to see a beautiful line up of furniture from the new HGTV Home / Bassett Furniture collaboration. The line was introduced a few weeks ago at Highpoint market and will be available in stores within the next few months. Don’t the girls look fantastic in their vibrant colors!?

Impressive numbers of HGTV:

  • Over 65 million tv viewers each month
  • Over 5 million website visitors each month
  • Top 10 brands on Pinterest
  • Over 2 million Facebook fans
  • HGTV magazine has over 500,000 subscribers
  • #1 Cable channel for upscale women (median household income of $63,000)

Their styling focus will blur the lines of modern & traditional and will comprise of two main categories: Fresh Classic and Fresh Modern.

Fresh Classic: Think paisley, scrolls, and medallions

Fresh Modern: Crisp with pops of color, but not overly modern

Meadowbrook Manor is an updated traditional collection featuring a harlequin patterned signature piece. (sorry for the not so great quality photos…it’s the best I could get of a projection screen!)

Classic Chic tells a 20th century modern story with a 1920’s vision. Wood furniture is accented with white paint as well as deco handcuff hardware.

And for their 2013 Trend Preview:

  • Community – “Craft” Inspiration, celebrating a mixture of pattern & color saturation
  • Modern Heritage – An architectural story, traditional pattern with oversized motifs, lots of gray & teal
  • Voyage – A rustic Indonesian journey with casual textures such as raphia, wovens, & bamboo
  • Overexposed – Alter ego of Modern Heritage, the answer to ‘no color’ color, whites, beiges, metallics
  • Graphic Control – Freedom of expression, bold color based with white

Here are a few showroom photos before my camera died:

Thank you Nancy Fire, Taniya Nayak, & Sara Peterson for a lovely presentation and to Kathy Wall & Cathy Lloyd from The Media Matters for the invitation and showroom tour! I look forward to seeing the new collection in stores!


Barbara Barry

“In design, as in life, nothing stands alone, not a chair, not a lamp, not a spoon. Each is part of a larger whole, and the interconnections must be taken into account at the earliest stages of the design process.”

-Barbara Barry