Highpoint Market – Beauty Meets Function

I know how Dorothy felt when she was clapping her red glittery heals! She probably couldn’t wait to get to Kansas because I’m sure her feet were killing her after all that walking. Dear Dorothy: if you’re reading this, I want to introduce you to the most amazing flats I’ve ever found! I’m telling you, it’s like you’re walking in tennis shoes!

I just got back from Highpoint Market in North Carolina. With over 10 million square feet of furniture, lighting & accessory showspace, you can see why comfort is a must! I found several new vendors, got to catch up with old friends, and met several new ones! But before I show you the rest of my beauty meets function finds, I have to thank my friend Traci Zeller for inviting me as her guest. She is an incredibly talented designer & blogger from Charlotte and the mother of twin boys!

Traci was selected as one of the 8 StyleSpotters for Highpoint market. She captured and uploaded 25 of her favorite market finds to Pinterest. PLEASE oh PLEASE, repin and like her boards on Pinterest! The winner of the most pins & likes gets to be a StyleSpotter again for next market, but most importantly, they get bragging rights! Click Traci’s Pinterest link HERE and see what she found.

As for my finds, I was certainly shocked to discover that these gorgous pillows from Elaine Smith were outdoor pillows! The fabric is from Sunbrella & the inserts are weatherproof, but if you prefer to use indoors, simply replace with a down filled insert.

My next find were these stylish & functional slipcovers from Chair Apron. You don’t have to worry about stains on your dining room chairs, and they are perfect if you want to do a little updating!

Join me next week for the rest of my million square feet tour!


Leah Richardson

Emphasis…when we place a special importance or significance on something in the room, we create emphasis or a focal point.”

-Leah Richardson



Windsor Smith

“My taste is eclectic, and I’m attracted to many different things – but color comes first.”

-Windsor Smith



Tuesday’s Tip: How To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Are you tired of living in a cave? Do you feel like your environment is draining your energy? With a few changes, you can bring a fresh, spring feel into your home! I don’t know about you, but I feel like a turtle peeping out of its shell from the cold winter months. My clothing is even being inspired by all these wonderful colors blooming in stores. (I’m tired of all the black!) I’ll show you how a minor changes can make a major impact.

Color is a major factor that affects your mood. There is scientific evidence that certain colors can raise your heart rate and others can have a calming effect. Bringing in a fresh color pallet can be just the cure you need! Before you start making purchases, it’s important to define what your goals are for the space so you know which hues to incorporate.

Take note of the wood pieces you have. Are they dark and heavy? Change out dark furniture for metals or a mirrored finish to bounce light around the space. Adding an upholstered coffee table as I did below can also be an effective to bring in lighter pieces.

Accessories and artwork can be a game changer in your space. If you’re gun shy about color, try a few pillows, lamps or even a colorful flower arrangement. (Think 2 dozen yellow tulips in a vase…it doesn’t take much!) If you have dark walls, consider a predominately light background in your artwork…and go large!

What type of rugs do you have? If they are dark and your eye goes straight to them, look for a natural option like sisal or seagrass.

Do you see a major difference in the two rooms I created in Olioboard?

BEFORE: Fall Inspired

AFTER: Spring Inspired

Tip: Don’t forget to look in other rooms of your home. There may be accent pieces you can switch out.

How do materials or color affect your space? I’d love your feedback!

If you’re ready for a change, email us at: stacynaquin@cox.net or visit the website.


5 Tips To Creating the Perfect Moodboard – Olioboard

When designing a new space, you always want to begin with Inspiration. It may be tempting to start buying furniture & accessories, but just like when building a new house, you wouldn’t start without a plan. Even though you like something, it may not go with your vision. I always tell clients: “You may love stilettos and sweatpants, but you would never wear them together!” Having a cohesive plan is the key to a successful space!

If you are looking to redo a room(s) in your home, here are 5 tips to creating the perfect moodboard:

  1. Click here to visit Olioboard’s website. It is a wonderful place to start for inspiration. Look at other moodboards for inspiration. Your board can be as simple or as intricate as you like.
  2. Pull things you love. Choose your favorite items (furniture, rugs, lighting, wallcovering, etc.) in the database from manufacturers such as Ralph Lauren, Layla Grace, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and many more. You can also upload items from your favorite websites or actual furniture from your home. Don’t worry about adding too many things, you can always edit later.
  3. Look for a common theme. Are you selecting similar colors? Patterns? Finishes?
  4. Edit. Have you selected more than one sofa or coffee table? Now it’s time to choose. The great thing about Olioboard, is you can visualize your space before you purchase! The items in your moodboard can be used as identical pieces to add to your room or just as inspiration for color and finish. (Designer Tip: Olioboard is a great way to present to clients having a hard time visualizing their space.)

Typically, if you were to add items into a program like Word or Powerpoint, it would look like this:

But with Olioboard, you can remove the image background. See how much better it looks!?

5. Publish your Olioboard so others can see and draw inspiration. After you’ve selected all your products, you can purchase right from their site!


If you are still unsure of your decisions, you can always call a designer.

Email us for our day rates: stacynaquin@cox.net.

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Thomas O’Brien

“I’m drawn to the past, and I try to create things that have a quality of serenity, of peace, that are authentic.”

-Thomas O’Brien