Wallcovering As an Accent Wall

And you thought wallpaper was out? It is making a huge comeback, but is now referred to, the more elegant term: wallcovering. If you’ve been following Bravo’s Flipping Out, you have probably seen Jeff Lewis’ office. This is a great way to accent a wall, and a lot more inexpensive than covering a whole room. You can buy this fab wallcovering on the Jeff Lewis Design website, along with drum pendant shades covered in this pattern, fabric, and pillows!

This show is probably my next favorite to Million Dollar Decorators. Jeff keeps me laughing out loud with his sarcastic humor and his employees that have a common theme – they are stuck in the 80’s.

The next 3 rooms are by Sarah Richardson…she likes this style too, I see.




Have you used a painted pattern or wallcovering as an accent wall in your home or office?


  1. I getting ready to have wallpaper installed in my home office on one wall. Stay tuned…

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