Vegas Isn’t Just For Sinners!

This past weekend my husband planned a birthday get-a-way to Las Vegas! I know it gets a bad rap because of the crack head gamblers. That’s not our thing how we roll (pun intended), but it’s certainly an architect and designer’s dream and worth going at least once. Every inch is covered in details, and no expense is spared to outdo the hotel next door. I’ll talk about some of the hotels in the next post.

He really pulled out all the stops and booked a room in the Sky Suites of theĀ Aria Hotel in a 1-BR Penthouse. It’s in the center of the strip, so the location is perfect and is in walking distance to most of the shows and other hotels. Seriously, I was stunned when I walked in. (I snuck a peak at the Aria online a few weeks prior…sorry honey) and guess I looked at the regular rooms because they sho’ didn’t look like this!

The first picture was the entry with crystal sconces.

The living room had automated draperies, lighting and music.

The bathroom had a separate dressing area, steam shower, and heated toilet seat! (I think this was my hubb’s fav part of the room, haha)

Check out the floorplan with 1465 sq.feet. I definately didn’t want to leave.

Thanks Bryan for a wonderful birthday weekend!



  1. So fun!!!!! Sounds like you’ve got a great guy!!! Loved all the pictures!! Especially LOVED all the pops of green everywhere!

  2. Swanky!!! Too fabulous!! What a sweet hubby you have!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! It’s always nice to get away and what a wonderful husband you have to plan it!

  4. Stacy says:

    Yes, I’m soooo blessed to have an amazing husband!!!

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