My New Profession of Love – Red

Last night while eating strawberries, my son and I decided to make a little strawberry concoction…puree fresh strawberries in the food processor, lots of sugar & of course water…mmmmm nice summer drink for sure (I only had a sip for those who know I’m on a diet) I had a watermelon version in Mexico on our recent trip, and it was so unique (in a good way).

I’ve definitely posted my share of “red” lately. When I was younger, I loved red so much and got burnt out. I do not have one piece of red in my whole closet except for 2 pairs of red shoes and a red handbag. I didn’t mind it as a little punch of unexpected color, but I guess Mary McDonald’s office ignited a lil’ something in me.

It got me thinking – If I were to have a summer evening get-together based on my new love, what would it look like? Well, I would definitely incorporate the new drink (maybe add a little squeeze of lemon), along with strawberry shortcake for dessert. (Who cares about the meal, right? As long as there’s coffee and desert!)

I would serve on these fabulous Kate Spade plates…

In this spectacular room by Miles Redd

…in a white dress and a pop of red. (Okay, sunglasses for the day – thought these were chic so I had to add. I’m not a wear-your-sunglass-inside type of gal)

Aviator Sunglasses by Carrera, Red Clutch by Fendi, Flip Flops by Tory Burch

How do you feel about red? Would you come to my party?



  1. Your not-so-little guy is such a cutie!! I would so be at your party … and if it were in Miles’ living room, you may never get me to leave. 😉

  2. Ok, maybe I’m starting to like red a little more!

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