Hot Off the Press – Arteriors

I still get excited when UPS or FedEx comes, hoping it will be a package for me! Perhaps a coffee table book from Amazon (I should buy stock now that I think about it) or a new manufacturer catalog. (even though this is my job, it still falls under the ¬†shopping category) Yesterday’s arrival was the Summer Supplement from Arteriors. They carry a wide variety of lighting, accessories, and even furniture.

Check out a few of my fav’s:

Below is the Noah Snow Marble Lamp, and the height is 32 1/2″. Why is this important? A majority of the time, lamps they sell at local retailers are just too small in scale for living rooms. Lamps are priced according to their quality and just as important, ¬†their size. When you import from overseas, every square inch counts. You may be seeing this one in a future project!

This Norris Gray Glass lamp comes with a silk sheer shade…mmmm….luxury

The Norman floor lamp is available brushed nickel or vintage brass.

Gold leaf entry table


  1. Thank you for the lovely mention, Stacy! You have a beautiful site and we are thrilled to be featured on your blog. Enjoy your summer supplement and join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date between now and the next product launch! &

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