Gingerbread House Decorating Contest!!!

I’ve had a little lull this holiday season and must say I’ve been quite a slacker in getting decorations up, so what better than a little Gingerbread House making to put you in the mood! I’ve decided to include YOU in my venture & add a little contest for excitement. Everyone is invited and I think the more people we can get to participate, the more fun it will be.

Here’s the best part — the Gingerbread House contest is being sponsored by Acadian Custom Installations, a high-end audio video company that does everything from home theaters to automation.  I do have a little bit of an “in” — my husband owns the company — but hey, that means someone is going to get a great prize!  The winner will receive a Sonos Player which retails for $299. Basically, it’s a speaker that wirelessly streams music from just about anything.  Your iTunes library, local radio stations, Pandora, Rhapsody — you name it.  How cool is that?  No more being tethered to your computer … instead you’ve got your tunes wherever you want them.

The deadline is Sunday, December 25th by midnight.  Yep, Christmas.  The winner will be chosen based on the creativity, attractiveness of the design and the number of “likes” and will be announced on January 1st — New Year’s Day

And who will be judging the contest?   Woohoo!  Maybe this is the best part.   I’ve lined up amazing judges to weigh in on what you’ve created.  I can’t give the full scoop on them just yet … but let’s just say you’ll be impressed.  I won’t make you wait long — tune in for the next few days to find out where to upload your Designer Gingerbread House! (P.S. You can get starter kits at Target, Walgreens, Walmart etc.)

Just in case you need some inspiration, here are a few more of my favorite gingerbread houses from around the web.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.   What’s your inspiration?

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  1. Those last three gingerbread houses are AMAZING. What a fun idea for a contest! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas with your family, Stacy :)

  2. Stacy, I cannot wait! I’m still like a child. Love baking and crafting this time of year!

  3. Tiffany Richey says:

    Very cute idea!


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