From Preschool To Guitars

When I realized today was already Thursday, I thought to myself, “Where did the week go?”, and if you have children, you probably ask a similar question about time. It seemed like just yesterday I was dropping off my son at preschool, but Cade just turned 13! To my dismas, it just occurred to me this week that he is still sleeping in a twin bed. Ouch! Time for me to put the biz hat on and get to work. To start the process, I’ve pulled a few rooms for possible inspiration.

Finnian’s Moon Interiors

Peter Pennoyer Architects

Massucco Warner Miller Interiors

McGill Design Group

Ashley Goforth

All images courtsey of Decorpad.

How have you decorated your teen’s room? I’d love to see!



  1. Edyta says:

    So fun!
    I can’t wait to see what you do with his room. There are no children at my house, except for our two four legged hairy ones 😉 And they takeover every bed, sofa they come across.


  2. My eleven-year-old was in double bed for years, but I recently pulled out that bed and put in a pair of twins in her room. She was NOT thrilled at first, but now she really likes having the twins for sleepovers and for letting her younger sister sleep in her room on special occasions but not actually having to share a bed with her. Look forward to you sharing the transformation!


  3. What??? I have to move them out of their twin beds at some point? I was in a twin bed until I graduated from college!! 😉

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