Diane Von Furstenberg – London Claridge’s Hotel Suite

Happy Monday! I’m finally back from my 10-day hiatus. In a down economy, most people pull back, but I have done quite the opposite. You can never stop learning, especially in this fast-paced industry when trends are in one day and out the next. So, I attend as many seminars and markets as my schedule will allow.

I try and constantly surround myself with people who have great vision for their life…a desire for a great marriage, family, and career. I love the saying: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.

On my way back from Canada, (blog post to follow) I was lucky to score the newpaper from the guy next to me! Not sure what was inside, but something caught my eye. Low and behold, it contained a DVF designed hotel suite. (I can spot great design from afar!) Here’s a little peak at London’s Claridge’s Hotel.

And this is what type of fashion she cranks out…(mild heart attack!)

Who is your favorite fashion designer?



  1. So the real question is — how are we going to hunt down that DVF chevron dress??? 😉

  2. Lisa M. Andrew says:

    I think this is truly amazing and will be DVF’s real legacy as it’s truly amazing how she has incorporated her talent for clothing design into designing Hotel Rooms. Her sense for bright, fun, sexy colors continue to make DVF current and ever so fashionable during every season. She now has brought this into her interior designing which will leave her mark truly in the design industry!

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