Design Is In the Details

Details are what make or break a space. They are what separate a good space from a great space. I think everyone is usually intrigued in seeing details used for the first time in unique ways. I was immediately drawn to the cover of this month’s Country Living magazine. Wow! I didn’t even realize from afar that the focal point was created by using multiple ceiling medallions! You can find these at your local big box home improvement stores or just google the word to find many unique styles.

Or look closely at this Anthropologie wallpaper.

This looks like it was done by hand with a pencil! hmmmmmmm…….

How creative is this!? Chandeliers made of wooden coat hangers:

Another detail from Country Living – all can be found at a harware store.

Or the door handle detail of Lucky Jeans‘ doors (made me do a double take!)

The next time you are running around town, stop for a few minutes and take note of the details. It’s amazing what’s been there all along but we rarely stop to notice.

What is the most unique detail you have seen lately?



  1. I just love looking at details. Love the pencil wallpaper, so creative!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this post!! Who would have thought….ceiling medallions on your wall?? Love it. I have seen the hanger pendant lights before (so clever) except they were made from wire hangers…brilliant!!
    Beautiful photos….great share Stacy! Love ya sista!!

  3. Stacy says:

    Thanks Jenn!

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