Bonjour! Springtime in Paris



This may be my favorite color scheme so far, so I have put together a dreamy Paris outfit. I love how this look is masculine and sophisticated, but with a feminine touch. The suede Calvin Klein shoes can easily go from day to evening. Perhaps a nude Tory Burch bag for lunch, switched out for a slate grey handbag for dinner, and you’re on your way to the best dressed list!

Dress: Juicy Couture, Handbags: Amanda by Tory Burch, Ring: Lisa Stewart Knot Coctail Ring, Heels: Calvin Klein Katarina Suede Sandals, Bracelet: Ostrich Leather Cuff by Dannijo, Find:  here


white dove (oc-17)    sea life (2118-40)    bird’s egg (2051-60)


Phoebe HowardMrs. Howard has done it again.

Which color combo from the last 4 days is your favorite?


  1. Nice . . . very interesting, as I am currently working on a kitchen scheme with a lighter gray-blue paired with a darker blue with off-white cabinetry and subway tile (the client is bit too, ahem, mature to embrace gray vs. white). Lovely paint combo!

  2. Christie says:

    Shhh…..don’t tell my ‘lil ones I’m stealing some blog time this Saturday morning. Bonjour! Comment allez vous? Et moi? Tres Bien. Merci! Je m’apelle Christie. Sorry… I was climbing the Eiffel tower for a sweet minute (and FINALLY getting to use that French I still owe Sallie Mae for)!!! ; ) O.k. So Hmmm…which is my favorite? Thanks for asking. Don’t mind if you do! As i peruse the color pallets yet again (that’s my uppity post Paris talk), I find that although i may LIKE “full swing” and “in paris,” my faithful fallback is still “twisted.” Go FIGURE! So although I may LIKE the former, all soft and subtle, I still LIVE in the latter, all bold and bright. Yes, my TWISTED LIFE. Still drawn to those corals and bright colors. However, I’m more likely to throw my “camry” keys into and slip my non “pedi’d” feet into the PLEATHER knock off “ToriIE BIrch” bag and flats as I stroll the Denham Spraangs Antique Village rather than the glittery streets of Paris! A girl (and her fall back tastes) may not change, but she sure can DREAM! Thanks for the much needed Parisian vacay! Au revoire!

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