Alys Beach – A White Lover’s Dream

If you’re considering Hawaii for vacation, you may want to rethink the long flight and head over to Alys Beach.┬áThe sand along the Panhandle beaches in Florida is powder white, and the ocean is crystal-clear. (Did I mention warm too?) This town is also founded on the New Urbanist concept – balancing private and shared spaces. It is a luxury community with pedestrian walkways, nature trails, parks, secret gardens & a neighborhood coffee shop within walking distance of each home. Need I say more!?

Nature Trails

Take note: all white roofs!

I was very sad to leave. If you love Alys beach as much as I do, hang around…you’ll see a world famous pool – only available to Alys Beach residents & renters. (I was able to score a private tour!)


  1. WOW! That is a great place to have a property. You can’t be bored while you are driving.


  2. Renu Soni says:


    I never knew you could use white in so many formats. Looks like the people around here are in love with the white color… I think it would be a very calming place to live in…

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