Tuesday’s Tip: Sisal

Happy Tuesday! I’m starting a new series titled….you guessed it! Tuesday’s Tip. In this feature, I’ll be sharing design tips and answering questions clients ask.

Design Tip: Add sisal to a room for a casual feel.

Sisal is a natural fiber derived from the long, green leaves of the ‘agave sisalana’ cactus plant. It’s very durable, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas. Sisal can be made in to area rugs or installed wall to wall in a sunroom, living room, bedroom, etc. Depending on the weave, it may not be the most comfortable for crawling on. So if you have little ones, I wouldn’t recommend it for main areas they’ll be scooting around in!

William Sonoma Home

Sisal comes in several colors ranging from beige, to charcoal,to chocolate.

It can also be bound for a more custom look. These bound borders come in different fabric choices and include leather, cotton, linen, and pattered fabric.

If you need help planning a casual space, or have a design question, email me at stacynaquin@cox.net.


Design Trend: Fluorescents

From runways to product design, you’ll see a new trend this year: vibrant colors! Oh gosh, I just had a flashback to jams!

Have you seen Color Splash on HGTV? David Bromstad jazzed up this NY Loft with fluorescent painted walls and a killer headboard! You have to look really close to see it. (hint: the clear diamond pattern in front of the window) I love, love, love the clear version!

He is a talented designer and artist. This painting he did for the space was inspired by the New York skyline.

He decided to add neon diamonds to pick up the vibrant wall color.

…adding black and white to tone down color a bit…

An LED light strip was added to the bottom of the headboard to create an amazing effect at night. Brilliant David!

What color jams did you have? Have you embraced the neon trend?


Vegas Isn’t Just For Sinners!

This past weekend my husband planned a birthday get-a-way to Las Vegas! I know it gets a bad rap because of the crack head gamblers. That’s not our thing how we roll (pun intended), but it’s certainly an architect and designer’s dream and worth going at least once. Every inch is covered in details, and no expense is spared to outdo the hotel next door. I’ll talk about some of the hotels in the next post.

He really pulled out all the stops and booked a room in the Sky Suites of the Aria Hotel in a 1-BR Penthouse. It’s in the center of the strip, so the location is perfect and is in walking distance to most of the shows and other hotels. Seriously, I was stunned when I walked in. (I snuck a peak at the Aria online a few weeks prior…sorry honey) and guess I looked at the regular rooms because they sho’ didn’t look like this!

The first picture was the entry with crystal sconces.

The living room had automated draperies, lighting and music.

The bathroom had a separate dressing area, steam shower, and heated toilet seat! (I think this was my hubb’s fav part of the room, haha)

Check out the floorplan with 1465 sq.feet. I definately didn’t want to leave.

Thanks Bryan for a wonderful birthday weekend!


Jamie Herzlinger

“One’s home should be beautiful, exciting, thought provoking and emotionally accessible.”

-Jamie Herzlinger


Design Is In the Details

Details are what make or break a space. They are what separate a good space from a great space. I think everyone is usually intrigued in seeing details used for the first time in unique ways. I was immediately drawn to the cover of this month’s Country Living magazine. Wow! I didn’t even realize from afar that the focal point was created by using multiple ceiling medallions! You can find these at your local big box home improvement stores or just google the word to find many unique styles.

Or look closely at this Anthropologie wallpaper.

This looks like it was done by hand with a pencil! hmmmmmmm…….

How creative is this!? Chandeliers made of wooden coat hangers:

Another detail from Country Living – all can be found at a harware store.

Or the door handle detail of Lucky Jeans‘ doors (made me do a double take!)

The next time you are running around town, stop for a few minutes and take note of the details. It’s amazing what’s been there all along but we rarely stop to notice.

What is the most unique detail you have seen lately?


Designing With Color – Kelly Green

Kelly Wearstler – Viceroy Hotel in Sanata Monica

Nick Olsen – House Beautiful Chevron Cabinet (source)

Rios Clementi Hale Studios & Domique Vorillion Photography Outdoor Room (source)

Fawn Galli’s apartment

Tobi Fairley’s Living Room

Sarah Jessica Parker (source) Ok, had to add a little fashion too…Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere! My blogger friend I met at Blogfest, Erika Johnson of Radiant Republic blog, had a swanky dress almost exactly like this at the Joss & Main after party. If I was the judge, she would have the best dressed award!

Cole Haan Handbag (source)

Do you like kelly green as much as I do?