Tuft Love

Tufting today is more for visual interest than practicality, but it was originally created to secure cushioning to the backs and seats of upholstered furniture. Tufting adds dimension and drama, and is used in traditional applications to glamorous Hollywood Regency styles. There is nothing tuft to love about these pieces!







1. Alison Headboard by Ethan Allen 2. R and R Chaise by Caracole 3. #2378 Tufted Sofa by Pearson 4. Jonathan Bench by Oly 5. Mercer Bench by Jan Showers 6. Knightsbridge Chair by Christopher Guy


If you would like to add a little tuft love to your space, email me at stacynaquin@cox.net.

1-Step Quick Meal

This is supposed to be a blog all about design…but I know most of you are moms or working women or both, and I’m sure we could all use tips to simplify our life. I rarely have time to cook these days, and I like extremely simple and fast, so I wanted to share this BRILLIANT meal idea a friend shared the other day.

My husband loves chicken, but I never know when he’ll be home, and I find there is only a 2 minute window for baked chicken: either it’s under cooked or chewy rubber.

Must have #1: The Digital Crockpot (world’s greatest kitchen gadget invention ever) You set the temp high or low, set the time, and when it’s done, it automatically sets to “warm”. No more rushing home in fear of burning down the house. I dump the ingredients, set it, and when I’m home, bam, dinner is done!

Ingredients: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, BBQ sauce

Recipe: Put Chicken Breasts in crock pot, pour whole bottle of BBQ sauce and stir. Set temp on Low for 5 hours.

I’m a little very embarrassed to share that I never thought of this. Staubs BBQ sauce from Whole Foods is great if you’re a naturalist, or Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce from any grocery store is always great too. You can shred the chicken when it’s finished and it’s so tender you can’t tell if it’s white or dark meat. It would be great alone or on bread as a pulled-chicken sandwich. Don’t I have great friends!

My little secret #2: Quick Side Potatoes

You would NEVER guess how easy these are with the great taste. I’m a huge McCormick fan. They have lots of “crackpot” powder packets with the same dump and go idea, and the recipes are on the back of the packet. So basically, you get a bag of little potatoes, cut in 4, toss in bag with 2 tbsp oil & McCormick seasoning powder, bake for 25 minutes. I’m telling you…you’ll score major brownie points with your significant other (or your poor child that never gets to see the oven used…he thanked me 3 or 4 times the other day :(

Was this post cheesy or would you like to see future “life saving tips”!!??

Add A Little Whimsy To Your Life With Flambeau Lighting!

Life can be so serious sometimes, so why not add a little whimsy to your life and home with unique lighting! The lighting is an art piece in itself, and they are designed by 3 talented artists from Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Flambeau carries a full range from chandeliers to sconces and table lamps.







From top to bottom:  Mosaic Chandalier, Diego Sconce, La Fleur Table Lamp, Pome Table Lamp, Nettle Luxe Floor Lamp


Aren’t they so much fun!? If you would like to add whimsy in your home, email me at info@stacynaquin.com. I’d love to help!


Mary McDonald


“I find myself in sweater sets some days and ostrich feathers others—Audrey Hepburn meets Auntie Mame.  My interiors have that same range.”  -Mary McDonald

Quote via Photo via


My New Profession of Love – Red

Last night while eating strawberries, my son and I decided to make a little strawberry concoction…puree fresh strawberries in the food processor, lots of sugar & of course water…mmmmm nice summer drink for sure (I only had a sip for those who know I’m on a diet) I had a watermelon version in Mexico on our recent trip, and it was so unique (in a good way).

I’ve definitely posted my share of “red” lately. When I was younger, I loved red so much and got burnt out. I do not have one piece of red in my whole closet except for 2 pairs of red shoes and a red handbag. I didn’t mind it as a little punch of unexpected color, but I guess Mary McDonald’s office ignited a lil’ something in me.

It got me thinking – If I were to have a summer evening get-together based on my new love, what would it look like? Well, I would definitely incorporate the new drink (maybe add a little squeeze of lemon), along with strawberry shortcake for dessert. (Who cares about the meal, right? As long as there’s coffee and desert!)

I would serve on these fabulous Kate Spade plates…

In this spectacular room by Miles Redd

…in a white dress and a pop of red. (Okay, sunglasses for the day – thought these were chic so I had to add. I’m not a wear-your-sunglass-inside type of gal)

Aviator Sunglasses by Carrera, Red Clutch by Fendi, Flip Flops by Tory Burch

How do you feel about red? Would you come to my party?


Cruising with Kravet & Lee Jofa

I stumbled upon Kravet’s Inspired News Travel Issue where they feature Oceana Cruise Line’s new Ship Marina. Their vision was to have more of a residential feel with separate dining choices, much larger rooms and more personal space.

The Owner’s Suites were designed by Dakota Jackson and feature luxurious interiors by Ralph Lauren Home, Lee Jofa & Kravet. In designing this ship, they were serious about listening to the client – large bathrooms featuring granite and marble vanity tops, tile floors, rain shower heads, and a separate shower and bathtub.
This is the entry level room, the Penthouse Suite at 420 sf. (below)
What an impressive floorplan!
Dine in the exclusive Privee’ restaurant for a party of 8.
I’m on board!